Get to Know Artist: Alex Muñoz

So many artists, so much raw talent. Only a few weeks left till our show at Basic Flowers on the 24th of March! Tickets are only available on the door so be sure to come out early and check out the exhibition that will be hosting eleven different artists.

Next up we have…Alex Muñoz!

The mediums I use are all over the place but I mostly stick with paintings, photographs, drawings, and music. I tend to focus on the stranger side of humanity for my subjects because humans are naturally strange to me. I also focus on the visual aesthetics and celebration of colors and shapes in the world around me.

IMG_20170302_234005_911 (1)

Top 3 bands?

My top 3 bands right now would be Primus, Frank Zappa, and Alex G.

Listening to right now?
I am currently listening to a lot of shoegaze and experimental rock.

Artist that inspires you?
Jean Michel Basquait is an artist that really inspires me.

Three things you would take on a deserted island?

Three things i would take to a desert island is, a note book and pen, a set of bongos, and a 50 pound bag of rice.

Insta: @sighfeld

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