What’s this?  A Pitchfork approved band that actually rocks?  Yes, Virginia, it’s true.  Parquet Courts (featuring Andrew Savage of the much beloved Fergus & Geronimo, who are currently in hibernation) is equal parts punk, stoner rock & 90s era indie rock – in other words, totally something we’re into.  Dirty Laundry “sixth man of the year” Josh Crocket was on hand to take some photos of the Brooklyn-based punk quartet who played to a raucous sold out Echo crowd a couple of nights ago ._wLlCHlzHa4SJGsUh8dbT-oCg_w4znY0-iQ-CgLsTFA 4urQPOHhrEy4TZiqyh8Gf6Fnds88mh8Lg4XuXnIQiuk CNVkskURNhIAqgS4sQAsIBhXRhHDKtyIWiIw3rG2u6k,9EDDCIxhINtTxG75klZ7OPbZKBf7TuArpfE3iDBRaHw M5vSfYsCuE0yG2JKN-0Co-G3bx2Fd6DTRXpa1bpwAWU MG6GIYtg0JWeFa5fquCLVQzpFmTZ03duvSBIlWDJjSY NqF1bZ-LDA-iBFBMFiETILBZQTcmnzHTMfAfiVl0HJY sHpecfnJPB1z9ztpAqxAOYwatXtif1CiEiPCoP0FHTo vPH4FUuwECjYQk75D3opGq2JnZiPwfRVTyOe7LzE7bk W2AzSiJz7_IOWV24G1Jl7KxVTO7XTKtwfEXxOx01ejw wiEB4bgdEXEW3BLTgStXcNSsPEFdkQGGf7iwU1cC1Q4 xplZXuNTj6PMvinb9sODREGRBDE0HzWKlw0Cw1LMZgA

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