Music Appreciation with: WORN-TIN

Worn-Tins’, Warner Hiatt, curated a playlist for our musical pleasures. Have a listen and see what you like! You can catch him rock out at our Basic Flowers show on the 24th of March.

1. Générique – From Chapi Chapo – Francois de Roubaix
This song is so strange but has a great feel for a rockin’ night. I love all the whispers throughout the track. I listen to this song before I go out!

2. Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man – Loretta Lynn
Who doesn’t love a nice country hoe-down about a Guy and Girl in love, where the only thing keeping them apart is that dang Mississippi River. Even though a River that size can’t keep them apart.

3. The Lotus Eaters – Flesh Panthers
This song gives me shivers down my belly, creating aches in my spine, giving me ruffles under my chin. This song gets the party started. I put this song on the list because I listened to this bands record and I Think they Rock!

4. Spiritual Laws – D.I
Probably one of my most favorite of punk songs. This song has lyrics that are unforgettable. I’m a big fan of great wordplay. I wish I could be this band.

5. I Don’t Want To Be A Loser – Leslie Gore
One of my most favorite artists of all time. This is the song I put on when I’ve had a rough day. I think Good ol’ Leslie Gore is super underrated and is only known for the annoying song she wrote about crying at her own fuckin birthday. She’s got other great songs!!

6. Something In The Water – Pokey Lafarge
This band has an absolute great and authentic sound. The song message is great as well, I don’t know what it is about that girl but I just love her. The arrangement is fantastic.

7. Congratulator – Siriusmo
It’s my dream to one day travel through Europe. I’m assuming this is the kind of music they play over there. This track really bumps my buns!

8. Case of The P.T.A – Leaders Of The New School
Love Hip/Hop. Especially Old School Hip/hop. When lyrics were all about Nikes, Getting the girl down the hall to like you and Creating havoc. Dingo D, Charlie Brown And Busta Rhymes, These guys are so dope and honest. Who doesn’t love a young Busta Rhymes.

9. Iyongwe – John Wizards
A friend recently just showed me this band and I love the synths and dance feel. They only have one album but it kicks freakin’ butt. The album feels like one long funky DJ set containing a diverse plate of funk, tribal rhythms and electronic south African beats.

10. East To West – Yonathan Gat
One of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. Their balanced mix of surf and noise rock is just absolutely perfect. I want these guys to play my wedding. If you like gnarly drummers, their drummer Gal Lazer is a good guy to check out! This band is so involved with their jams and have such an invigorating sound.

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